Chiropractic Care

At the initial consultation we ask our clients to complete a case history form which helps our chiropractors to pinpoint key areas of concern and look holistically at their health in general.

Every new client then has an extensive spinal exam which involves neurological checks, reflexes, range of motion checks and spinal palpation.

Specific chiropractic x-rays are then taken at the clinic. These 4 different spinal views are vital for the analysis of the exact location of mis-alignments in the spine .

The Report of Findings follows this where the chiropractor provides an extensive analysis of the clients x-rays and explains a programme of care to correct the problems.

A special exercise programme, designed from the x-rays, is given to the client to take home.

The Adjustment, based on findings in the x-rays, is the procedure performed on every visit by the chiropractor.This is a manual movement of the spine designed to free subluxations (mis-alignment of the spine causing nerve compression). There are various techniques used including use of an "activator "

There are 3 phases of care:

Acute : initial intensive care ( 2 to 3 visits per week)

Spinal Reconstructive Care: ( 1 to 2 visits per week)

Maintenance Care:(weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits)

Whatever phase of care the client is at, is based on the recommendation of the chiropractor. Ultimately the client chooses the option that best suits his /her individual needs and lifestyle .

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